Behind the Scene & Inspiration

Doing Good Things in the Outdoors

Spending a Night in the Wild Once a Week

When You Can’t Run Just Ride

Tinkering with Bikes

Back to Nature

Garn Fora Ratch

Living the Dream (…well trying too!)

Inspiring others – Adventuring is Free

Bothy Life …and of course developing a love for Whisky

The Feral Mountain Biker

A Transition through a string of ‘Grassroots’ Sports

Fell Running – Mountain Marathon – Ultra Running – Mountain Bike Orienteering – Adventure Racing – Kayaking – Yacht Racing – Bike Packing  …and whatever comes next!

A jack of all trades is master of none


A jack of all trades is better than a master of one


Being Inspired to do things is important and having people that inspire you is valuable. Over the years I have met, read about and raced against many people who inspire me. These are people that I hold in high self esteem and they range from:-

My Father and my Father-in-Law – For introducing me to the mountains and supporting  me through my sport.

Tommy Goodwin – Endurance Cyclist from the 1930s (cycled a 75,000 miles in 1 year in 1939).

Nathan Fa’ave – Adventure Racer – World Champion and an Ambassador for the sport.

And countless others…


Not only strong athletes, but those who put something back.