Trans Scotland Mtb

An East to West Traverse, following Old Drovers Routes, Footpaths, Forest Gravel and Quiet Roads

Link to Route and GPX on Komoot:

Note: The Komoot route is slightly different to the one shown above (start from Aberdeen Lighthouse has been added, also an extra bit through the oak woods at Strontian has been included, and the section across Isle of Mull removed, so it now finishes at Ardnamurchan Lighthouse – making it 407km / 4500m.) 4-5 Days riding would be a good time to aim for, there are several bothy’s on or near to the route and good camp spots come up.

I have been enjoying a bit of a re-focus recently, I’m always hungry for doing miles in new places, pushing hard whilst going steady if that makes sense..? While I’m at it, immersing myself in the environment as much as possible, quite often just having a 5 minute stop now and then, to soak up the view, the sounds and the smells – appreciating ‘the moment’ if you like!

Since the covid restrictions and since having covid myself, I seem to of had a physical and mental shift and this has made me feel much less competitive, both within me and with others – I’m kind of happy to ‘chug’ along!

This Trans-Scotland ride, wasn’t over-planned or scrutinised, I just had a few places that I wished to visit, or pass through…

From North Sea to Atlantic, doing a coast-to-coast crossing always makes for a magnificent journey. Crossing the Scottish Highlands by Mountain Bike has to be one of the best Bike-Packing journeys that I have done. Like most Scottish trips the weather can be the deciding factor and for this journey, the Weather Gods were with me, there is no finer place to be than Scotland when it is bathed in the spring time sunshine.

Seeing the landscapes changes as I made slow but sure progress west was really noticeable, from the soft green east to wild barren west. The mountain bike is the best tool for the job as you can get access to all the hidden away places, which I just love finding.

My ride is told in the pictures below. If anyone would like the GPX then just drop me a message.

Day 1 – Dee Valley – Forests, Lochs and Glens

Day 2 – Out of the Dee Watershed and into the Centre of Scotland

Day 3 – A Taste of the West

Day 4 – The Atlantic and the Point of Ardnamurchan

5 thoughts on “Trans Scotland Mtb

  1. Hi, great story! I came across your site while searching for trans scotland inspiration. Nice pictures👍
    I’d like to have the GPX for further preps, so if you could send I’d really appreciate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Apologies Wouter, I don’t often check the webpage messages! I have tweaked and added the Komoot link so it is now in the blog – I had tried to embed the GPX however the filetype was rejected by wordpress.


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