Building the Ideal Off Road Endurance Bike


Hello There!
Welcome to the FATSTER bike Website and Blog page, it was created around the love of bikes and the freedom that they provide for exploring.
…and its not about being Fat or losing weight – like some similar named webpages!
On here you will find some information about the FATSTER bike. A 29er Plus bike created as a light, fast, comfy, simple cruiser or endurance race machine. You will also find stories of rides, races, made-up challenges and other adventures to hopefully inform and inspire others.

Light – Fast – Comfy – Simple
Typical Spec:-

– Oversize ‘Boost’ Carbon Frame and Forks
– Hand Built 50mm Carbon ‘Light Bicycle’ Wheels
– Sram Eagle GX to XX1 Groupset
– Hope Finishing Kit
– Chupacabra / Ranger 3″ Tyres

Birth Weight = 9.6Kg

Price depending on specification – £1800 to £3500

Please get in touch for further information, to commission a build, or to arrange a test spin, or just get advice and have a chat if you are wishing to build-up your own bike, or if you want to know more about anything on here.
Sourcing parts, building up and then riding your own bike is extremely satisfying and usually a lot cheaper that a ‘branded’ bike – that may not be to your personal specification – give me a shout for advice!

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