The Sierra Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas – Revisited. A Family-Pack this time round.

Feb – 2020 – A few words and lot of pictures…

The endless 2019-2020 UK winter, prompted a change of plan. The Scottish Highlands had been hoped for, but not to spend a week there in poor conditions. With Europe being so accessible and relatively cheap ‘we’ – that being my eldest son ‘Henry’ and my youngest brother ‘Ben’ had a re-think and headed to southern Spain.

The sunlight, warmth and mountain solitude revitalised us all very nicely. The trip was a mix of activities and was made all the more fun by meeting a long-time-no-see cousin ‘Dan’, who was road tripping and kitesurfing around Europe …aka Living the Dream!

The Sierra Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas mountains are a deep and forested range, with an ever-changing landscape around every corner.

Their beauty is eye-searing and not expected for southern Spain!

Here are a few pictures and they don’t show everything, like all the wonderful wildlife, the sharp cold night skies, the snow-capped Sierra Nevada and all the wonderful scents in the air. The riding and the trekking in this region is second to none as well, there is a lovely network of old ‘pilgrims routes’.

IMG_3393The end of the Levardas and the start of the Barossa GorgeIMG_3374Barrosa Gorge Upper.IMG_3350Beautifully shaped rocks – reminding me of a SeahorseIMG_3355Soaring eagles and limestone trailsIMG_3338The Long and Winding Road.IMG_3329Typical ‘Plateau Refugio’ Rambla Seca   (not a place of worship)

IMG_3296Viva La Spania!IMG_3294Apple Blossom, dusty trails and a lovely bike!IMG_3288Snow capped Sierra Nevada just ‘hanging there’ in the far distance.IMG_3281Stream side cook spot.IMG_3251The cliffs and castles of La IrunaIMG_3255Casa Bicicleta – didn’t stay there, but a fascinating sight.IMG_3274Closure of a good day with the sun setting over the Sierra Nevada

IMG_3248Refugio La Tinada del Serval

IMG_3250Refugio Azzaro

IMG_3243Special Refugio!IMG_3344The endless road – 40km of high altitude dirt road. No trees, just Wildness.IMG_3322The mighty Spanish Fir – there is nothing wrong in having a tree as a friend!IMG_3270Edge of the mountains camp spot (Nr El Chorro)IMG_3265Walking – the most ancient and still the best modern exercise!

IMG_3419Three Amigos a day off in Cazorla town – quite easy to spend a day here exploring.

IMG_3399Barrosa Gorge – biking extreme – surprisingly rideable and well worth visiting!IMG_3388Levarda tunnels – fascinating exploring!IMG_3380IMG_3370Curious / cheeky bothy fox

There is much more to discover in the Sierra Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas National Park and I am sure I will visit again very soon. I recommend it to you. More info for bike-packing is available on Or feel free to contact me for any help or advice.


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    thanks for the post some amazing pictures and yet another very inspiring trip. You lot don’t half look alike and handsome! See you Friday 😘

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